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We're here to assist you with distributing and supporting your product on Linux.


Whenever possible, we share our work with the world. Browse our projects here.


Results from tests we have done that may be helpful to others.

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  • Work within the free software ecosystem

    Whenever possible, we will provide patches back upstream and release code as free software as early as possible.

  • Build great relationships with our clients

    We prefer to consider our clients as partners and build mutually beneficial relationships.

  • In it for the long term

    We will endeavour to make choices that have sustainable, long-term benefits.

  • Show our values through our work

    Instead of having a corporate-sounding list of values, we would rather reflect those values in our day to day work.


We're a young company that aims to bring the best of what's available in the open source world and integrate it into your business. We aim to provide valuable technological solutions that are simple to implement and easy to maintain.