What we're about

We'll have a nice service portfolio soon. In the meantime, here's a list of technologies that we like:

Debian GNU/Linux

A great general-purpose operating system with stable releases.

LXC Linux Containers

A powerful and light-weight alternative to virtualization.

GitLab Git Server

GitLab is a fantastic Git server and web frontend.

LTSP Netboot environment

Originally created for thin clients, LTSP provides a highly stable netbooting platform.

Bundlewrap Configuration Management

Python-based configuration management that's easy to learn and extremely powerful.

ZFS Filesystem

A powerful filesystem and volume manager with native encryption and compression.

KVM Linux Virtualization

KVM is the native Linux virtualization module and extremely fast and stable.

Apache Web Server

The state of the art web server with many useful add-ons. We like NGINX too but Apache is better ;)

Flask Python Web Framework

Flask Python Web Framework: A lightweight framework for creating Python apps for the web. Also used with flask-api, which adds APIs to Flask apps.


ownCloud is a self-hosted file-hosting platform that's comparable in funtionality to Dropbox.